Z LaLa’s Make It Happen Technique(hehe)

You want something; you put your head to it and your eyes ON it; You then design techniques and prepare for the challenges before you hit them; Imagine every direction the journey to your goal can go in; Now you started and you’re going thru it; You hit a challenge-maybe even one you didn’t expect-you fall; Ok you fell; Do it again. Ya, again. What else are you gonna do? Go and cry about it? No-you just learned an unexpected tough lesson. Just take it as it is. An experience; You just grew-not your height, yet your spirit; You did it again; You’re doing it; it’s going; Enjoy the ride ‘cus you’re eventually gonna get there; Just don’t stop to pity yourself during the extremely difficult stages-there just stages and they make you better trust me and even say thank you; now GO! remember-if you want something bad and work hard enough, you WILL get it; the universe is flux; what other way CAN you go? The amount you will sacrifice is up to you. Oh! and say no to drugs.