z lala bio

Tania Muradian, born July 6th, 1992, better known by her stage name Z LaLa, is an American singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Z LaLa began singing at the age of 5 years old. From a young age, Z LaLa knew she wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. She competed in local and overseas talent shows, impressing audiences with her natural singing abilities.

As a child, Z LaLa performed at numerous school plays, philanthropist organizations, and sang the Star Spangled Banner for a host of humanitarian events.

Z LaLa comes from a background of talented opera singers, theatrical, and drama performers. Z LaLa studied many types of dance styles including Hip Hop, modern, Belly Dancing, and African-American vernacular. From an early age she formed a number of girl groups producing songs and dance choreographies, applying her Middle Eastern roots through her ability of “hip dancing,” and unique style on dance.

At the age of 12, she began attending music academies and showcased her skills in stage performances, while specializing in classical singing. By the age of 14 she began to record in different studios and worked with different producers until she found her own distinctive style.

Like any budding singer, Z LaLa worked rigorous hours attending college to obtain her degree, only to leave college when she realized that she could not get a degree in order to do what she loved and reach the place of her desire. She has since worked with various producers such as Prince’s, The Black Eyed Peas’ and many other talented composers’.

Z LaLa spent time recording at the same studio that Timbaland, Shakira, Paula Abdul, and many other American music artists spent time in. She has since released her album Zilosophy which she co-produced with producer Jaylien, the mastermind behind Akon’s hit single, “You’re so beautiful.”

Z LaLa has been recognized for her anomalous musical and artistic output’s by leading industry figures such as Shal Talmay of David Bowie and The Who, Mark Williams of Madonna, Janet Jackson and many others.

“Z LaLa is a true gift to the music industry. Her artistic and creative vision is exceptional bar none. Not only is she beautiful and perfectly suited to her eclectic style and image, her voice is a jewel in itself. Each and every song on this project is melodically captivating and sure to stick with anyone who takes a true listen.

It is obvious that Z LaLa is an artist to the core and her music exudes her sexiness and talent . Simply put, this project is a “no brainer” and once the world discovers Z LaLa the music industry will be a better place for all of us.”

– Mark Williams (Madonna)

“Gorgeous, Spectacular, a Raw and Unusual Talent. One in a trillion.”

-Skip Saylor

(Michael Jackson, Tupac, Paula Abdul)

Z Lala is is officially the first substantive world artist as she sings in 19 different languages, including sign language.

Z LaLa’s first self written album, is titled “Zilosophy.” She is currently signed to an Independent label, Omega Alpha Records, based in Los Angeles, California.