Z LaLa

WORLD POP ARTIST, Z LALA, MADE A UNIVERSAL MANIFESTATION, ON JULY 1ST, 2011, WHEN SHE RELEASED HER VERY FIRST EVER, DEBUT SINGLE, "FLY AWAY," IN 14 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, INCLUDING SIGN LANGUAGE,MAKING HER THE FIRST ARTIST IN HISTORY, TO ACHIEVE SUCH A SUPREME ACCOMPLISHMENT. SHE IS IN THE PROCESS OF BREAKING SEVERAL GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, INCLUDING ONE FOR THE RELEASE OF HER FIRST OF ITS OWN, MUSIC FILM, "FLY AWAY," WHICH WAS ALSO PRODUCED IN 14 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. HER FIRST ALBUM " ZILOSOPHY "IS SCHEDULED TO BE DIGITALLY RELEASED WORLDWIDE ON OCTOBER 1ST, 2011. Z LALA'S INCONGRUOUS AND KALEIDOSCOPIC OUTPUT CAUSES "CONTROVER-Z" AND QUESTION TO HER HETEROGENEOUS ROOTS. Z LALA HAS ALREADY BEEN RECOGNIZED FOR HER ANOMOLOUS ART AND MUSIC, BY LEADING RECORDING INDUSTRY FIGURES SUCH AS SHAL TALMAY(PRODUCER OF DAVID BOWIE, THE WHO,...)MARK WILIAMS, (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Keith Sweat, etc), SKIP SAYLOR(MICHAEL JACKSON, TUPAC, PAULA ABDUL...) "Z Lala is a true gift to the music industry. Her artistry and creative vision is exceptional bar none. Not only is she beautiful and perfectly suited to her eclectic style and image, her voice is a jewel in itself. Each and every song on this project is melodically captivating and sure to stick with anyone who takes a true listen. It is obvious that Z Lala is an artist to the core and her music exudes her sexiness and talent . Simply put, this project is a "no brainer" and once the world discovers Z Lala the music industry will be a better place for all of us." -Mark Williams "M Doc" (Madonna, Janet Jackson, Keith Sweat, etc) "She has a disctintive style. Unparellelled vocal performance." -Shal Talmay (David Bowie. The Who, etc.) "Gorgeous, Spectacular, a Raw and Unusual Talent. One in a trillion." -Skip Saylor (Michaell Jackson, Tupac, Paula Abdul...) "First time I saw and heard her, I was shocked. She is out of this world. -Jaylien 2010(RedOne, Akon, Lady Gaga, Usher, ...)

Z LaLa’s Make It Happen Technique(hehe)

You want something; you put your head to it and your eyes ON it; You then design techniques and prepare for the challenges before you hit them; Imagine every direction the journey to your goal can go in; Now you started and you’re going thru it; You hit a challenge-maybe even one you didn’t expect-you fall; Ok you fell; Do it again. Ya, again. What else are you gonna do? Go and cry about it? No-you just learned an unexpected tough lesson. Just take it as it is. An experience; You just grew-not your height, yet your spirit; You did it again; You’re doing it; it’s going; Enjoy the ride ‘cus you’re eventually gonna get there; Just don’t stop to pity yourself during the extremely difficult stages-there just stages and they make you better trust me and even say thank you; now GO! remember-if you want something bad and work hard enough, you WILL get it; the universe is flux; what other way CAN you go? The amount you will sacrifice is up to you. Oh! and say no to drugs.

No Pain, NO GAIN

My Grammy Awards Dress=11 pounds. All Chains. My Headpiece= Held on by the knife-sharp edges. And still recovering the holes. My chain dress ending over my arm=chain mark one inch deep into my dermis. From 6 am-4 am nextt morning=Standing in this. Imagine my shoulders! But loved each moment. 🙂 and all of you, my supporters= THE BESTTTT!!!!! I love my loved ones and the rest of you out there! Hope you enjoy my BRAND new music VIDEO Flyaway!! goodnight!(5:37 am) :-p

Vanity Thanks!

@Krista Smith Vanity Fair Excited to work with you and happy to be the editors choice for the Vanity Fair Calendar event!

Z LaLa Apparel

Excited2present my nu clothing line with u all soon!I would describe it as asymmetrical, unique,& VERY flattering to all women’s body types!

A new “superior” word a day keeps the brain cells at play!:

Zenzizenzizenzic- A number raised to the eighth power

Xerophagy- The diet of bread & water

Xylopolist- A person who sells wood products

Viraginity- Masculine qualities in a woman

Preantepenultimate- Fourth from Last

Nelipot- Someone who walks without Shoes

Mytacism-The excessive use of the letter M. (People who go mm, umm, too much, in conversations, or interviews-so bad!when they do it during interviews.)–get it together people!-don’t think out loud thatttt much!